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by DSR

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Cutmaster Cliff
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Cutmaster Cliff Really diggin' this ! this is what "Rap" is supposed to sound like,and the radio doesn't have a fuckin' clue nor do they realize what their audiences are missing ! Good work...KEEP IT COMING !!!! Favorite track: Soul Bomberz.
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Caper Verse: I'm the Dream Shatterer, The Battle Ram is Spectacular Scrambling all the hecklers, The Damage is a Massacre I Thrust a Giant Canister of acid on you Amateurs But yall can't handle me I slip through time like Flux Capacitors I banish all you bastards, Bash your head on the banister Stomp your Life from Existence to Diminish the Cancer The Torch is Burning While we quiet the Storm Igniting the Flames of Hades DSR Transform Perfecting an Art Form, Combining to form Voltron Heating up the Ice Storm, while we perform to Leave you Gone This is a Chessboard and I'm a King on you Pawns I Spawn the Wrath of Hell and Watch the Weak Be Pawned I Cast the Iron like a Savage, I'm a Lion on the Challenge I'm dividing all the Baggage, While I Travel through the Malice Leaving you Brain Damaged through a Passage of the Ravaged Crushing your Confidence with the Science of a Sabbath Redd Rebel Verse: Guardians of the apeshit Galaxy Spittin phlegm mixed with allergies You're realities duality Gemini personality Far from normality A legacy of brutality Rhyming gemstar sharp fatalities The clone mind filled with fallacies Discussing immortality With bloody raw on the balcony Sorta twisted spit a form of alchemy Fuck 16 every bar is challenging Your brain fried off that cali weed Words a tangible gift you can feel palpably Give a flying monkey fuck what you cunts say Fucking with my feng shui Turn to a bully knock over yr lunch tray Harassing do it once a day Like multivitamins For any gods falsely idling Swallowing fluorides n poly-hydrogen Says she just dieting meanwhile Yr girls swallowing the cock of leviathan smiling
Caper Verse: Shatter the windows with the burst of the sound wave The arrow still travels smashing cars in a one way I sneak a thought with a sneak attack your heads detached Your body falls with the sneakers attacked I’m swinging swords, slicing chords, piling bodies in the morgue This is the takeover underground is getting on We the mighty DSR the definition of raw So when we speak , check the unique, techniques on the beats While you rappers wearing skirts sponsored by the boutique I guess its pretty neat being all petite You swallow landscapes taking logs in the creek Yall so disposable when we dropping the quotable’s We uncontrollable while you feeling emotional We make it notable armed with a totem pole Transform like voltron, send your ass to your birth hole Our mere presence, is a weapon of essence, it’s the light of the heavens Crashing down on your sessions, damn you adolescents need to learn your lesson Redd Rebel Verse: hero wears a thousand faces Villains your mind modern matrix Feeding us a poison substance tasteless The Verse following capers keep it sharp like a barbers razor Marinate rhymes now dripping with flavor Hip hops dead were the undertakers Coroners morticians beats the gurney bringing more stiffs in Lyrics our religion Spit to a public indifferent Drunk off a fifth of gin Theirs no equivalent Rappers now are impotent Lyrical carcinogens A mockery and a parody We'll spray you like radiation therapy Before your cellular death Stay quiet as kept Or end up a chalk outline sketched Where your bodies stretched Obsessed with only matters of the flesh Spiritual rebirth material death We're all we got Til our corpses rot And we're dropped in our burial plots Scheme and plot Stay awake don't let the dreaming stop That's when the demons flock And they're keeping stock On who's the weakest Link in the chain believe this Don't be an elitist But lead by following like Jesus Til our breathing ceases While your following ceasers Cause of facial features
Caper Verse: I rep the boro that stays thorough, we birth oro The streets crazy shootouts with the semi auto Back in the days when they use to break dance Kool herc on the turntables started this avalanche KRSONE made the Bronx number one It was straight with the lyrics and hard with the core We birthed graffiti hieroglyphics of the needy We been originators before they even had CD’s They use to battle in the parks in the dark Sparking the art when everybody had heart I rep the boro where all the legends are born Listen to big pun to his son to get it on We spit fire even the ones who retired This is real hip hop not the music from all these liars
Caper Verse: I strike with the deadly bars Many left with plenty scars My uppercut is lethal surround you with plenty stars The microphone damager strangling all you scavengers Darkstarz avengers we laughing at you challengers Machine gun rap and it’s off of the top mental Slaying an instrumental, while you paying for rap rentals DSR is epic we pop off like cola mixed with mentos Breaking the points of pencils While we shatter your windows This is Hells Wrath fire, you burning until you expire Talent is required it’s no wonder you misfired My clan is live wires so you got to admire Slamming your back bone on flaming barb wire All we do is spit flames no wonder hells on fire I choke the devil on the throne inhale the fumes to get higher I snatch your soul out of your body while II levitate to greatness You faggots remain nameless Your hatred remains weightless Your music remains anus Your movement is just shapeless Your fans are just faceless I slap you tasteless with a deck that’s cutting aces Shatter your bone structure in many places It’s not a lie when you wack rappers can’t identify This is hip hop and now you clarified The fire is burning you can see the flames in my eyes All that weak shit is still gonna die
Redd Rebel Verse: the land of holocaust How many lives lost Walk on fresh graves Raped and enslaved Sour milk poison honey Worshiping money Who's on those dollars Those are no scholars Evil Anglo Saxons Killer Andrew Jackson Know the land you're inheriting In the words of Phillip Sheridan Only good Indian is a dead Indian Then they quote Corinthians Love is patient love is kind So hard to free your mind Psychologically tortured Physically slaughtered Scalp the mothers rape the daughters Histories authored By the wicked enforcers Stuck on flying saucers While we live on this scorched earth Afterbirth of a nation Mistake murder for creation Til life's a simulation Then reality your chasing Enslavement on plantations Or caged in a reservation Now it's incarceration Genocide of an entire nation Caper Verse: I populate humanity with the reality shattering all the travesty digging deep to get the cavity in the galaxies blasphemy, trying to to reach out to the Calvary while they stuck in a tragedy I'm reaching out for morality but my people are claiming insanity is it a fantasy to naturally want to create a strategy to get away brutality anxiously I'm literally speaking, lyrically peeking I'm sending a truth beacon for those who really seeking the truth without the preaching with a real reason for the changing of seasons and killing of demons
Caper Verse: It’s pretty lame how most of you rappers sounding the same Sharing the pen game and even dressing like dames Playing the shell game for the cash and the fame Blindfolding all the fans taking hip hop in vein I spark the arts with the flows and creativity Crushing your negativity with bionic abilities Your activity suspect and you about to be checked Spitting these laser darts you ain’t getting respect I intersect with the spray can, time to disinfect All you cancerous bastards is the game plan We spark bigger past figures with a hair trigger We all stand tall , while we all just snigger The fundamentals stay in the mental When we lacing the beat Dropping the heat with the pencil and knocking all of your teeth We a rare breed, experienced the 90’s So the root will never die You can suck on these
I’m deadly with words and the flows on the sacrifice Enticed to really write and I don’t care if I’m polite The visuals is critical I’m turning on the lights I’m crashing your fragments leave you in a stagnant amazement I blast with a thousand rays shatter your statement I bomb on you comic cons split atoms in atomic bombs Rearrange reality until I’m phenomenon’s I’m starving you for days like its Ramadan The fire balls being thrown from my palms creating a dawn My sick signature rips the bones out your arms I’m critical but I stay creating miracles It’s not 34th street so I’m ducking the heat Releasing the master plan that enables defeat It’s my destiny to definitely to mention me Creating history and launching vasectomy’s I got empathy I’m physically a weaponry The penalty for protecting the remedy No jealousy is needed When I’m creating a legacy and fighting the demons My knowledge section is beyond the spectrum The answer to the question is in a different direction I reckon all the lessons that I use in perspective Its venom to the curious imperfections Ill kick your ass it means a foot to the rectum some people need it , it’s a cause of correction I enlighten your mental stay gentle when I’m meant to Keeping it fundamental monumental on the instrumental The Trojan horse been invaded the galaxy The force of the tragedies ignite the source of the gravity There’s no morality when we living in ignorance The distance in defense through the eyes of the witness You pissed with shit that you been could change Rearranging your structure exchanging your whole range My thoughts clarify daring when they verify My purity ill horrify leave you paralyzed They say they terrorize when they bomb their paradise When you learn the truth its too late to go and rectify Its never magnified so you never recognize Blind by the media so you never identify To late to cry all the damage is done Nowhere to really run you got no rights to a gun Too busy never noticing having some fun Corrupt governments full of colorless stubbornness They say the truth shall set you free But I’m telling you now but you still don’t believe me
Caper Verse: I’m blacking out; snatch your backbone out your mouth You criticize and you cry when you tapping out The heavy rhymers, incliners, while you speaking vagina We devastate, we elevate through a constant rate We universal from other countries and different states Your state of mind is confined in a weakened condition No competition in the opposition This is DSR we the master morticians Prepare for the submission, we got plenty of ammunition Sharp with katanas, termination like john Conner You fucking vultures we chomp you up like piranhas Redd Rebel Verse: A soldiers quest ain't always death Do our best to protect whats left While our bones collect Get your chrome to protect Your home is your nest Evil forces stacking up dirty corpses Planned parenthood selling fetuses from abortions Profit from the morbid The life we're forced in The evil they're recording Sell it back to you distorting The villains skilled in extortion A lie preposterous in proportion Reported to you by robotic Talking heads brains microscopic Swallow their idiotic logic Change the topic Make the rhyme exotic Palm trees in the tropics Nows the apocalypse Designed in an obelisk Funded by a lobbyist My words deposited To contradict the obnoxiousness Sharing files on a floppy disk Flown in to providence Stacked up like the odds against
Caper Verse: The sharp blades with DSR with the octane The higher mercenaries of the hip hop game Despised by the mainstream undergrounds off the chain We strike with a spike bat smashing waves on the train We digging up dirt don’t even need a caterpillar The cap peeler , the verse killer , the bone chiller We stay realer and Iller, we gorillas thinking bigger Get familiar with the pillars chainsawing you off nigga Redd Rebel Verse: Ineffable Me and the beat inseparable Cooked impeccable Spit from my pulmonary With skill culinary Serve up delectable dishes Competition vegetables to begin wit Exceptionally gifted You're perpetually lifted Im potentially twisted Not to mention sadistic On the mic a real misfit Like your wife is submissive Wiping my pipe on your bitch lips And my knives on A snitch wrist Popping your eyes on a vice grip Can flip like a light switch My rhymes a slight twist Gutter but priceless Stand out like a white bitch In isis In the midst of a hostage crisis Are you always like this? The crowd not moving they're lifeless Inphynit Verse: Matter of fact bring back the boom bap rap So we can backslap the cataracts offa these cats I ain't having that in my habitat Word to Bernie Mac I ain't scared ah you motherfukkas Y'all better stand back Skills we never lackin that Alliance never slackin black This action packed adventure attack backed By black hearse Cadillacs Don't fall asleep on me homie you'll get tea bagged Little fleabag Needing some knee pads Smelling like rehab You're such a d bag And your weed scag Plus you drink piss and eat scabs You're a waste a space meatbag Your face just gets me mad Get the real emcees back DsR we mean that The fans really need that But they too scared to demand it I CAN SEE THAT I'm sick of all this shit that's on the radio Delete that Darkstarz is the movement And y'all gon hafta see that Whoever got some harsh words y'all gon hafta eat that
Caper Verse: Ay Yo My rhymes murder, while you trapped in a heart murmur I thrust my palms through your chest to snatch your heart to show you it’s colder I move boulders while brushing the cold shoulders I snatch the sun from the sky and blow out the candles on the holder Didn’t you understand we the ultimate soldiers You brainwashed with the bullshit so we burning your folders We puff a cigar ,, ripping these bars, we Darkstarz Screaming fuck the world, Skampoe peddles I’m on the handlebars
Murderous words, bursting the blurbs, It’s absurd demurred on you funny turds I prefer some curse words. Drinking some Jack Daniels with my speech all slurred On this beat I serve a can of whoop ass, swerving throughout the lanes Watching the streets just pass, while the lights flickering in the hallway fast No, No, No time for stuttering, I’m slamming the shutters, im smothering And uncovering while I keep it gutter. I’m armed with lyricism while stuck in hypnotism, they call it trap music Cause it blurry your vision with an eye in the middle and the rest is a prism Then you wonder why you always feel trapped in a prison I’m taking the time, to tell you in my rhyme, what’s on my mind When I go and design, when the truths all blind, we unrefined in this mankind Races not aligned, I’m inclined to rewind that our minds are unconfined I’m ripping a rhyme, dismissing a line, the mission is fine, you walking on a landmine Dismissing your life, its prison for life, when you do it for the vine Losing your time, crushing your spine, sniffing a line, the rhythmic is mine Who cares if you did some petty crimes, its your pitiful excuse for your nursery rhymes We call it a war crime, its headline despised on you petty guys, but when radio plays it They like who’s that guy? 2nd Verse Its unfortunate everybody cant be proportionate stalking with an abortion But never cautious with the portions you offering, is it a perfectionist portrait or waste of a fortune It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to see the your brains in distortion Spontaneous contortion, enforcing the importance of metamorphosis, so much endorsement That its forcing precautions, its like two cars racing down the street and they crash in front of each other And you notice both cars are Porsches I’m from the grain, the pain a different strain; I’m ripping my brain, my rhymes turning me insane I’m eating so much bread that it’s causing a weight gain, I’m sipping champagne Pretty soon I’ll be wearing tight clothes like women and lil wayne I’m more addicted then rich bitches eating biscuits, I sniff a beat and throw up a rhyme without listening So many crabs while you taking a dab, I’m overdosing and choking smoking beats in the lab I take a jab, fuck it I take a stab and leave you in a revolving door like Lindsey Lohan sniffing coke in rehab I rip your abs while I’m building my abs; I’m snatching you fast leaving me able to catch your glass I walk fast on Halloween don’t wear a mask but I bare black gloves with a machete on hand I attack you while I’m doing handstands, clipping your mans, laughing because it’s funny while I’m doing a dance, my sharp blade; I’ll leave you afraid and slayed, your feeling betrayed And sprayed, punched in the face and layed, it’s my crusade to invade and get paid Throw you a little shade until I persuade for some first aid, im sipping some Kool-Aid While I march in a parade, I displayed a lyrical raid until you evade and dissuade I’m barbaric, you generic thinking numeric, I’m esoteric, my solders waiting in the barracks I’m sarcastic melting you like plastic, holding plastic cup drinking liquor you bastard Smacking you quick, making you back flip in shit, stabbing your four tires with my knife in your whip I crush hymens with the pressure to create diamonds, perfecting my whole rhyming and timing While you running from sirens, with my alliance we pilot into horizons flying into the highlands And climbing in different climates, we the titans, some giants, some hungry lions, dropping real science While you rapping in silence, hell’s wrath is fire so you call the firemen, while we stuck in a continent nobody is hiring.
Caper Verse: I perform lyrical miracles from a spiritual pinnacle, It's gonna get critical when i'm breaking the syllables Were no typical, Original criminals, You lack Peripheral vision So all your attacks is minimal Formulated with some secret ingredients, We Genius Armed with experience It's no wonder why we devious The sparked fixtures, We bomb quicker, Passing the liquor The light flickers, City sleeker, DSR on the sticker, Consider stop being so bitter, cause we bigger, Heavy hitters, stomping you quicker, Flush you in shitters. Redd Rebel Verse: dont know whats happening I spit the pathogen Body infected with a virus Virulent violence Words venomous phlegm Til your tenements condemned Should be suspicious of the malicious Hostile savage Dropping bodies in acids Sulfuric liquidized like assets in Zurich Reaction allergic Hung jury no verdict Leaving court a free man With your blood on my hands Dripping on the hardwood floors Got your bitch on all fours Hitting it raw Shes licking her paws Call me the widowmaker Move down to Jamaica Sitting on your acres Counting all your paper Sharp like a barbers razor


"Hell's Wrath" is not what you think it is. We used the term "Hell's Wrath" thinking about the world today along with how the hip hop genre is managed. That is the true hell. But the forceful agenda behind everything which is "Wrath" is trapping everyone. So we decided to put a voice to our thoughts and create this dope hip hop project . This is our first debut album as the "DSR" collective. We stand very proud of this album and Hope you enjoy it as well. Simply showing your support by listening to the album will be appreciated. But if you purchase the album and share it. You will earn some great support from us. Hip Hop is a Culture and we feel in order to maintain it we must be responsible for our actions in keeping the music alive.


released October 31, 2015

Production by Lucid, Clanarchy, Gravestoneface, Gee Dark, Anno Domini, Lord Beatjitzu, Luka, L.O.B., Black Tokyo, Adan, Diract Beats And skits by J.Pressman


all rights reserved



Darkstarz Records Bronx, New York

Darkstarz Records is an independent label officially formed in 2001. We are the underground talent at its rawest form, left in the dark in favor of the commercialized radio hits heard today. Instead of complaining about what we hear, we are looking to change what you hear. ... more

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