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Darkstarz Records is an independent label officially formed in 2001. We are the underground talent at its rawest form, left in the dark in favor of the commercialized radio hits heard today. Instead of complaining about what we hear, we are looking to change what you hear. ... more

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Track Name: Walk To the Corner- feat Caper & Skampoe
Caper Verse:

I walk to the corner , I see a man holding his daughter, the sun is beaming , so i brought me a bottle water, I walked out of the store, i seen a dude with two whores, i guess dude didnt notice that their faces had sores, forget it i go on, i walk around the whole block, i seen dudes playing domino's wearing no socks, im getting starred at by a couple of cops up the block, Its really nothing its something im really use to, this world is crazy when everybody just wanna shoot you, this short walk is feeling like a journey, my eyes is opened up, with everything i seen before me, a different story, im placed in a category ,my dreams of living big in this life of a minority,its a majority of people who dont think they equal, i left a finger, when I greet you and I go defeat you, no time for evil the smell is really just linger, i seen a chick she was harmonizing, i think shes a singer, our eyes met it was simple not complex, my back was drenched from the heat of the sun rays, the hydrents still open and its splashing from both ways,I sit down on the stoop in front of my building, I hear the ice cream truck , and a group of running children, Its a different world living in pjs , a walk around the corner aint promised to you each day